The MKdW offers international artists whose existing body of work displays a connection with the museum’s profile an opportunity to stay on the island of Föhr to work and find inspiration. A thatch-roofed, semi-detached house will be made available to them as a studio and place to live. It stands directly next to the museum complex in Alkersum. The duration of candidates’ stays are arranged individually, based on their working methods and their idea for a project. Our programme is open: it is neither the duty of the artist to create a work related to the museum, its collection or exhibition programme nor is the museum required to provide an opportunity for a work’s exhibition or acquisition. In addition to free accommodation, travel costs will also be paid for. Further details will be agreed upon individually depending on the duration of the stay and the amount of material involved or the idea for a project. Candidates will be contacted and selected by the museum. There is no application procedure.