Hans Peter Feddersen Of Light and Air, Wind and Clouds

07. June 2015 to 27. September 2015

A special group of works from the sublime oeuvre of the major Schleswig-Holstein-based painter Hans Peter Feddersen was selected for this exhibition: the landscapes he created on the Danish and North Frisian west coast. These range from plein-air oil studies created in the early 1870s on the islands of Sylt and Fanö and large-scale, art-nouveau-inspired canvases to expressive late works of great expressive power. Trained at the art academies in Düsseldorf and Weimar, Feddersen early on devoted himself to the natural scenery of his native surroundings, which at the time was still felt to be an unworthy subject for painting; moreover, he eschewed attractive, picturesque scenery. In spite of their proximity, Feddersen and Emil Nolde pursued different artistic objectives. Feddersen was particularly drawn to things that were hard to depict: the dramatically high sky, the interaction of air and light, of wind and clouds. Over seven decades he engaged in this struggle with unflagging intensity.

The exhibition is comprised of more than 100 exhibits, including numerous works from private collections that have not or only rarely been shown before.

The richly illustrated catalogue of the same title accompanying the exhibition is available at the museum shop and in bookstores.