Bike & Art To the Museum with Free E-Bikes

Get moving for a better art experience! Have you heard already? Children and adults learn more persistently, thoroughly and enthusiastically when they are able to use their bodies and all their senses while they do so. And they also retain more of what they learn in their memory. So, let’s take advantage of this! Head off for a different and active art experience: we are uniting two popular leisure activities for you in a charming way – riding bicycles and experiencing art. Starting now, you have the chance to take advantage of our new, free bike-shuttle offer.


Wyk provides the starting point: the bikes can be picked up and returned at StattBar, in Westerstraße in the heart of Wyk. Not only do they have one of the island’s best cappuccinos: this small and – well, almost hip – cafe with its lounge area has, so to speak, already been our little off-site venue for exhibitions “in town” since it opened. At the moment you can admire watercolours and drawings by Susanne Kessler there. These were the first things the artist created here on Föhr – before she had even become aware of the linear formation of the ship Susanna’s odyssey, which subsequently led to the major solo exhibition now being shown in the Museum Kunst der Westküste.



Whether you take a look at the little exhibition or order something (our recommendation: a croissant or a piece granny’s cake) or not: here you can borrow one or both e-bikes for four hours free of charge. You can’t miss them parked directly in front of Stattbar.


You can also reserve the bikes at +49 (0)4681 7480666.


You can choose from an electric transport bike, which easily holds two small children and a dog, as well as a cool electric mountain bike. With these cutting-edge bikes from GP JOULE – one of the leading providers of renewable-energy-related products based in Northern Friesland – your ride will be child’s play, even with a headwind!  


You can comfortably ride to the museum in Alkersum in 10 minutes!


There you will have plenty of time for an extended visit – and also for a stop at the museum restaurant Grethjens Gasthof, with its secluded and extensive flower garden.


So if you would like to come from Wyk to pay us a visit, but don’t have a car on the island or don’t feel like driving or taking the bus or walking, or if the sun is just too hot that day or the wind is almost enough to spoil your good mood, then we have just the thing for you: off to new shores, adventures, learning and art experiences! And on the way back to Wyk, you’re welcome to ride through Nieblum to visit our second little off-site exhibition venue, the restaurant NAMINE WITT …